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Make Ads That Are Impossible to Ignore

Have you ever passed by a ground-floor window, and even though you knew it was wrong, you just had to peep inside?

I have. And so did the legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock.

It’s called Voyeurism – the thrill of watching other people’s private lives, like on reality shows or Instagram.

✂️ Step 2: Eliminate

I chose between 10-15 words that matter most and scratch out the rest.

It looks like this:
Tinder is an inclusive brand. If you want to meet new people, this app is for you, regardless of your age, origin, or sexual preferences. The company is based in the US, but millions of single (or not) people from all around the world use it every day. The concept is simple: you look at people’s photos and bio. Then you decide whether you like them by swiping left or right. If two people like each other, they’ll have a ‘match.’ After that, the exciting part begins, they start chatting, and sometimes, even meet in person and then…

🎲 Step3: Play

I use these words to make different combinations until I get a slogan that I like.

Word bank
Single, people, world, every day, simple, like, swiping, match, chatting, meet, person, exciting.

Possible taglines
-Swipe. Match. Meet.
-Single is Simple.
-Exciting Every Day.
-Simply Swipe. Simply meet.
-For Every Single Person.
-People swipe, People match.
-Swipe the world.
-Swiping is exciting.
-Chat to meet.
-people like me.
-Not so single.

My favorite
For Every Single Person.
(It’s inclusive and speaks to the target audience)

Thanks for reading 🙏