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Hyundai’s Christmas Campaign


During my time at Innocean Berlin, my partner, Seine Kongruangkit, and I had the opportunity to create the 2020 Christmas campaign for Hyundai Europe.


Create a digital campaign – focus on Hyundai’s progress towards electric mobility in 2020 and its new SUV line.


We used grandma’s knitted sweater (aka ugly sweaters) as our visual language and grandpa’s jokes as our tone of voice.


Direct emails, an online holiday card generator, social media content, and a limited collection of Hyundai sweaters.


More from the campaign:

White Christmas, green driving.

Yes, we have a charging point
on the north pole.

The reindeers
can rest; Santa
goes electric.

‘Tis the season
to go electric.

Kids believe in
Santa, adults
believe in Santa fe.


Shlomo Genchin

Art Direction

Seine Kongruangkit &
Karl Linderoth


Ricardo Wolff &
Bruno Oppido


Innocean Berlin