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Stuck in
an Elevator with you.

If you’re here, it means that very soon,
we might start working together.
And then, one day, on our way to grab lunch,
we might find ourselves stuck in an elevator.

“It’ll take two hours to get you out of there,”
says the SOS button guy.
I look down. You clear your throat.
We both have got nothing to say.

‘Oh man,’ you think, ‘this Shlomo guy, he’s so
passionate about copywriting and marketing,
but I’ve got no clue what else he’s into.
I wish I could ask something, but I don’t know what.’

Sounds awful, I know.
But luckily, to avoid this horrifying scenario,
all you need to do is read my four “Elevator Questions,”
and you’ll never run out of conversation topics with me.

Floating Item
Floating Item
How’s your gf doing?

I live with my girlfriend, Michal.
We love to sing along in our car.

What do you read?

I'm slightly obsessed with books. Some of my
favorites are Attles Shrugged, Shantaram, and Shugon.

What’s up with Bitcoin?

I’m into Crypto, investing, tech, and AI.

How are the waves?

I love the outdoors. Especially surfing,
skating, rock climbing, hiking, and yoga.

*Knock Knock*
“It’s the rescue team; we’re taking you out!”
“Sorry, but…can you come a bit later? We’re kinda trying to brainstorm here.”