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I’m Shlomo, a remote
freelance copywriter.

Hire me to create ideas that will win
you pitches, awards, and new customers.

Testimonial Item
"Working with Shlomo was such a great experience."
Florian Hucker, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Berlin
Testimonial Item
"I could always rely on him to deliver strong creative ideas"
Jack Christensen, Creative Director , INNOCEAN Berlin
Testimonial Item
״He could have become an excellent doctor״.
Sofia Genchin, Mom

I Can Help You With

Creative Advertising

Creative Advertising

I will develop ad concepts and crack briefs for your creative department.

Video and Audio Scripts

Video and Audio Scripts

I will create captivating scripts for TV, YouTube, IGTV, TikTok, YouTube Audio ads, and Spotify ads.

Social Media

Social Media

I will come up with content and strategy for TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, Giphy, and more.

Slogan Development

Slogan Development

I will develop a catchy slogan
that tells your brand's story.

Web and Direct Copy

Web and Direct Copy

I will write copy and improve
the conversion rate of
your website and emails.

Activations & PR Stunts

Activations & PR Stunts

I will plan user activations and stunts that will make your audience engage with your brand and generate free PR.

& Featured Work


Hyundai's Christmas Campaign

A limited collection of grandma's ugly sweaters combined with grandpa's jokes.
Digital ⦿ INNOCEAN Berlin


Before Ketchup

Using classical art to show life before ketchup.
Print ⦿ Ogilvy Berlin ⦿ D&AD

Burger King Campaign

Proper Dining is Back

Capturing improvised tables during the lockdown.
Print and Digital ⦿ INGO Hamburg ⦿ W&V

Courts of 2050

Courts of 2050

Encouraging sports fans to act against climate change.
Guerilla ⦿ D&AD (New Blood)

Stunts Behind the Stalls

Stunts Behind the Stall

Bringing life back to the food stalls of Bangkok.
Integrated ⦿ The One Club / Young Ones

Hire Me Because I'm



I’m a Russian-Jew
who was born in Israel, studied in Germany,
and thinks in English.
I bring this broad perspective into my work.



No one goes home
until you’re satisfied. Unless it’s Wednesday.
I go bouldering
on Wednesdays.


I’ve worked in different environments, from large agencies to start-ups. So I’m used to working in a team alongside art directors, UX people, and more.



I was born eight days after my due date. Haven’t missed a deadline since.



Expect no surprises. After agreeing on goals, prices, and expectations, I’ll deliver weekly performance reports throughout our project.


I might call myself a ‘creative,’ but that doesn’t mean I create abstract art. I’m here to sell and drive results.

Write Me, and I will write for you.

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